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Top ten hackers of the world:Complete documentation


Top ten hackers of the world

Hacking is the biggest fuss in the modern world due to its unlimited pros and cons. Hacking takes businesses and customers many millions of dollars every year. According to the frequency of strikes on American companies has indicated a sharp growth in the price of cyber-insurance. Many of the obstacles stem from the arrival of the internet, so novice hackers can get all the accessories they require online at practically no cost. But this generation of hacking didn’t appear overnight it took a picture of the now-famous hackers to identify significant vulnerabilities and bare significant defects, setting the grounds of a free-for-all Internet. Let’s have a glance at the top ten hackers.

Top ten hackers of the world

Here are fascinating most notorious and evil top 10 hackers “black hatters,” what they did to earn their names, and wherever they are today.

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Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon, identified as SOLO on the internet, supposedly organized what would suit the most massive army computer hack of all period. He accompanied the most significant crime on the computer system in the records and made the loss of thousands of dollars by just destroying the files.

Gary McKinnon must have been an odd, nervous child, to gain knowledge on UFOs, he considered it satisfying to get straight access into the canyons of NASA. He infiltrated 97 US military and NASA computers, by introducing the virus and eliminating a few files. All the attempts to answer his curiosity, but, interest killed the cat.

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Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick is the most well-known hacker in the world. He maintained to be the head to get on the FBI’s list of most wanted people in the world. He split into the systems of Nokia and Motorola.

He has reflected the most dangerous hackers in the world. Beginning by giving people candid rides, he crashed into the Pentagon system. The government was apprehended that he might start the nuclear war.He hacked the ticketing system of the Los Angeles bus system by which he could move in any bus everywhere the state. Through a phone number is provided by his friend, he hacked DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) central software. At the early age of 16, he hacked a computer and copied exclusive software. After two years, he was arrested and wasted five years in prison. He now works for his own security company.

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Jonathan James

Adopting the alias cOmrade, Jonathan James hacked into many organizations. But according to the New York Times, something earned him recognition was his hack into the networks of the United States Department of Defense. What was all the further shocking was that James was only 15 at the time.

The first juvenile to be detained for a cyber-crime at the age of 16. James was captured in 2000 and was condemned to a six months house arrest and forbidden from recreational computer use. But, a probation violation made him work six months in jail. Jonathan James became the freshest person to be condemned of violating cybercrime laws. Still, had a painful ending as James committed suicide in 2008.

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Kevin Poulsen

Kevin Poulsen also acknowledged as Dark Dante received his 15 minutes of fame by using his sophisticated understanding of telephone operations. At one time, he hacked a radio station’s phone lines and established himself as the winning caller, receiving him a brand new Porsche. According to oracles, he was the “Hannibal Lecter of computer crime.”He grew a wanted man when he hacked into federal systems and removed wiretap data. Poulsen now serves as a Superior Editor at Wired.

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Anonymous got its inception in 2003 on 4chan message boards in an unnamed conference. The group presents little business and is loosely focused on the idea of social right. The Vatican, the FBI, the CIA, PayPal, Sony, Mastercard, Visa, Chinese, Israeli, Tunisian, and Ugandan governments have been amongst their victims. The thought of being a “digital Robin Hood” was far from being comprehended.


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Astra, a Sanskrit word for the weaponry was the pen name of a hacker who sold in the firearm stealing and business. A 58-year-old Greek Mathematician hacked into the operations of France’s Dassault Group stole exposed weapons technology data and traded it to several countries for five long years. While the real status of the ASTRA persists untraced, executives have said that he had been wanted since 2002.

Matthew Bevan and Richard Pryce

Matthew Bevan and Richard Pryce are a pair of British hackers who hacked into various military channels in 1996, including Griffiss Air Force Base, the Defense Information System Agency and the Korean Atomic Research Institute (KARI). Bevan (Kuji) and Pryce (Datastream Cowboy) have been involved of almost beginning a third world war after they evacuated KARI research onto American military systems. They hacked the Korean research tools, and if not finished they might have headed to war.

Albert Gonzalez

Famous as the previous leader of the hacker organization ShadowCrew, Gonzalez and his team stole and traded credit card numbers, created fraudulent passports, health insurance cards, and birth certificates, and were associated in various identity fraud offenses. Gonzalez accumulated over 170 million credit card and ATM card numbers and is said to have submitted himself a $75 000 birthday party.

Adrian Lamo

Adrian Lamo determined to change careers when he understood the potentials of his trades. He became description when he hacked into Yahoo!, Microsoft, Google. This, although finished into his stay, it later served him get the batch of an American Threat Analyst. A guy who would hack into top-notch accounts relaxing in the large and encouraging cafeterias, libraries, soon turned Wikileaks distrust Bradley Manning above to FBI.

Robert Tappan Morris

Robert Tappan Morris pulled up his understanding of computers from his father Robert Morris, who was a computer specialist at Bell Labs and later the NSA. Morris is recognized as the inventor of the world’s first public computer worm.


In 1988, he founded the Morris Worm while a student at Cornell University. The program was designed to measure the size of the internet, but it had a defect: computers could be affected many times, and any virus caused the computer to slow down yet more. It furnished over 6,000 computers unusable.

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